Tuesday, February 24, 2009

waiting part 12.349254

So, today has been anything but good. I woke up and my mom went off on me about the fact that I am still waiting for my interview. That was fine. I needed the push I guess because I went to drastic measures and I called the Navy recruiter today to see about whether they could ship me out any sooner than the Army knowing full well that this will get back to my recruiter who was not pleased at all. I had to explain to her about the fact that I have heard nothing but "next week" for over 2 months and that I can't wait anymore. My dad lost his job and I am seriously a financial burden right now. So I told my recruiter all of that and she said she would call up there to get my interview moved up but I don't plan on just accepting that and moving on. I have an interview set for 10 AM on Friday at the Navy offices and if I don't have a definite time for my interview or complete the interview before then I'm going to take the meeting. This has turned into an absolute nightmare and all of my friends are telling me that I shouldn't even do the military but now it's really what I want and I'm not willing to take no for an answer. I am thinking about getting the Colonel's name so I can call him myself and ask him for my interview and explain my personal circumstances. I understand I am 1 in 600 people who need an interview but I think that I would be an easy one. I am not willing to take "next week" as an answer anymore and I think my stubborn attitude and extremely careful tact will see me through this. If not then I have a very nice Petty Officer waiting to meet me. He seemed to think that everything would be expedited much quicker through the Navy. I have lost so much weight and 10% body fat. I did not come this far to be pushed aside. 
Also just a little bit ago a debt collector called about me. They said that I had not made any contact about paying a debt and the man who I talked to was extremely rude when I explained that I was going into the service and that as soon as I have the means I will begin paying my debt. Some people just are not meant to work where they have to talk.
So right now I am very determined to get things going. I am inspired and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get into the military and succeed. That's basically all..

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