Thursday, February 5, 2009

good news

So I have been doing a lot of things lately that have prevented me from posting but I finally have good news. Turns out I just needed one more recommendation. I have been in contact with my high school guidance counselor who has been so nice even though I have to email her 5 times before I remember to attach the forms she needs to use for the recommendation ha. My recruiter told me that as soon as I have this recommendation they'll do my interview and then I can go to MEPS! 
I am excited because that means I'll be leaving soon. I am also getting more into the scared part of leaving. I know I'll miss my family but I've been away from them before. I am so scared of not being able to keep up physically and having to go to the camp for people who can't pass the initial fitness test. I think I'm most scared that I will not be able to pass that test that it's freezing me up. I mean I know I can do 3 push ups and 17 situps easily. Although I know that my usual mile time is about 6 minutes 20 seconds I am terrified that I wont run fast enough to complete my mile in 10:30. 

I think all of my worries are just poking up their ugly heads. I can't even eat because I'm in anxiety mode and I know that sounds really bad seeing as I will be helping save soldiers lives up at the front lines but I am calm in cool in situations that I know some about. Everything I've read about basic training was written after the fact and I know that everyone I've talked to said they had a blast at basic training looking back on it.

I am taking deep breaths and I am getting pumped and I think I'll start running one mile twice daily to get my time as low as I can. Channeling my worried energy into positive :]
I'll keep this more updated now.


  1. if your running a 6:20 your good don't worry about it. All you have to do is pass that initial, I'm telling you I get Soldier's here that fall out at a 15:00min/mile pace. You have nothing to worry about at your speed, going through basic they are going to get you in shape, having a good base is even better because you will just be that much more ahead of your peers. Keep up the good attitude and when the going gets tough, "Embrace the Suck!"

  2. catie...I would imagine all of your fears are normal. What you are doing is huge in your life, be proud of yourself. Ride through all of your emotions, they belong to you!
    Stay Strong!
    Pray Hard!