Thursday, February 26, 2009

good news :]

So I think things are back on the right track. I talked to my recruiter today and she said that my packet is on the Colonel's desk! Yay! Which means that when he's back in the office on Tuesday I should be getting my interview! I am completely elated by this fact and I know it took a bit of a harsh method to get to this point but I am happy to finally possibly be within reach of my interview and the beginning of my life. 
To celebrate I am cooking my family a nice dinner of grilled chicken and rice and I'm putting a plate aside for my mom so she can have a nice dinner when she gets home. She's been getting home around 7:30/8 lately and going to bed at 9 so I think the more I can do to help the better.
My sister on the other hand... she has decided she hates me. I can accept the fact that she might be upset that I have been up here for longer than expected. I told her very clearly last night that I am not buying into her petty games anymore. I don't have the want or need for strife in my family and she is 18 now and legally an adult. I am not her maid and I told her that as well. I haven't talked to her in a couple of days. I know that time heals all wounds though so I'll be fine.
Today has been a complete success :] In about an hour I'll start dinner and I think that everything will work out. 
Also I have gotten my mile time down even more and my weight is going down more every day :]

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